Lucius Grimm

Human Necromancer


High Concept
Really Badass Necromancer

I need to be the very best
(Feels immense pressure to fit into his bloodline as a worthy descendant)

Never give up
(Hope. There is always a way, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, every person has a good side, too)

I didn’t sign up for THIS!
(Sloth/Pride. It’s hard to accept that not everything in life is flowers and candy. Lucius denies cooperation if he doesn’t like something. He also thinks he knows best what is worth to be done.)

Additional Aspects
- Ancient-Werewolf-Spirit-Mentor
(Lucius has this fancy amulett with a guy that helps him. Only verbal advice, of course.)
- Savior of Mankind
(Save Mankind from the angels and give them back their world/home? That’s about it.)



As a descendant of “Little Red Riding Hood” (a werewolf hunter in ancient times) hunting supernatural beings is simply in Lucius’ blood. His bloodline contains of various monster-, vampire-, werwolf-, ghosts and witch-hunters and, being born with the gift of controlling ghosts and spirits, young Mister Grimm finds it only natural to follow in the giant footsteps of his ancestors.
Sadly, Lucius grew up rather sheltered with his parents and experiences lately that battles not only look super stylish, but also might hurt.
He discovered his gift when he was around 14, when he found an ancient amulett from the famous werewolf-hunter (who was not so badass in the stories, which were definetly written by envious critics)…


Despite his dark and gloomy appearance, Lucius is a rather joyfull person with a happy-go-lucky attitude. He had little reason to care for anything and tends to take risks lightly.
In almost every combat situation he tries to look as badass and stylish as humanly possible. This usually vanishes quickly when he gets injured.
Lucius adores animals of all kind and would problably have a whole zoo with him, if it would be possible.

Lucius Grimm

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