Character Generation

Character Generation


High Concept


(outstanding positive Aspect)

(outstanding negative Aspect)

Additionally to those three more Aspects, which you can freely choose.
Straight from Fate Core:

  • Significant personality traits or beliefs of that character (Sucker for a Pretty Face, Never Leave a Man Behind, The Only Good Tsyntavian Is a Dead Tsyntavian).
  • The character’s background or profession (Educated at the Academy of Blades, Born a Spacer, Cybernetic Street Thief).
  • An important possession or noticeable feature (My Father’s Bloodstained Sword, Dressed to the Nines, Sharp Eyed Veteran).
  • Relationships to people and organizations (In League with the Twisting Hand, The King’s Favor, Proud Member of the Company of Lords).
  • Problems, goals, or issues the character is dealing with (A Price on My Head, The King Must Die, Fear of Heights).
  • Titles, reputations, or obligations the character may have (Self- Important Merchant Guildmaster, Honor-Bound to Avenge My Brother, Silver-Tongued Scoundrel).

You may leave some Aspects open, to define them when the character recovers and you learn more about him/her and his/her past.

Character Generation

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